While every stretch of shoreline is unique, many properties can benefit from the installation of one of our most-popular configurations.

The most appropriate QuickReef® living shoreline structure for many low- to moderate-energy sites, is one of our 60-inch base width configurations. These sills generally sit 5 to 30 feet from the normal high water (NHW) or mean high water (MHW) line on sites with less than a 3-mile fetch (distance across open water) or with low boat wake pressure. 

Sites with greater fetches, more exposed orientations, or more intense boat wake energy, often benefit from our 80″ base width sills. These sills are made with our larger and heavier 40″ QuickReef® units and often incorporate a base unit for added stability. They range in height from 24″ to 30″ at the center. 

When installation by barge is required or when a more robust structure is desired, we can substitute 8 of the bottom QuickReef® units for a QuickReef® base. These base units are also notched on the edges to provide a secure resting spot for the top units.

Click through the links to the right or scroll down for more information, pictures, and arrangement schematics for each of these popular configurations and items. 

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60" Wide Offshore Sills

15" x 60"

The 15″ x 60″ QuickReef® sill was our very first arrangement. It typically consists of all 30″ x 10″ x 5″ QuickReef® units and the spine is one unit high. The 15″ x 60″ sill can be installed in water depths ranging from 3″ to 18″ deep at MHW/NHW.

21" x 60"

The 21″ x 60″ QuickReef® sill is identical to the 15″ x 60″ sill except that it is two units high in the spine, allowing it to be placed in slightly deeper water. The 21″ x 60″ structure can be installed in water that is 9″ to 24″ deep at MHW/NHW.

27" x 60"

The 27″ x 60″ QuickReef® sill adds our cap unit to the 21″ x 60″ sill. These caps provide the ability to attenuate greater wave and wake energy, and they increase the sill height to 27″. This structure can be installed in water that is 15″ to 30″ deep at MHW/NHW.

80" Wide Offshore Sills

24" x 80"

Constructed the same as our 21″ x 60″ sill above but utilizing our larger, and heavier 40″ x 10″ x 5″ QuickReef® units, our 24″ x 80″ sill is ideal for many higher energy sites. This QuickReef® sill is ideally installed in water that is 12″ to 27″ deep at NHW/MHW.

30" x 80"

Adding QuickReef® caps to the 24″ x 80″ sill, results in a very robust 30″ x 80″ sill that is ideal in water depths from 18″ to 33″ deep at NHW/MHW.

Base Units & Caps

Base Units

When installation is primarily by water, or maximum stability is required to meet greater energies, our QuickReef® base unitw can be deployed as part of the 21″ x 60″, 27″ x 60″, 24″ x 80″, or 30″ x 80″ structures. This unit takes the place of eight 30″ x 10″ x 5″ or 40″ x 10″ x 5″ units and is notched along the edges to hold the top QuickReef® units.


As mentioned above, QuickReef® caps can be added to our 21″ x 60″ or 24″ x 80″ structures to provide an additional 6″ of height. The caps increase the stability of the structure in larger fetch or wave/wake energy environments.

6' Wide Revetments & 12' Wide Offshore Sills

Images and information coming soon!