Introducing QuickReef, a patent-pending living shoreline system. QuickReef living shorelines combine the aesthetics and ecological benefits of an oyster shell bag shoreline with the stability of heavier materials and eliminates the use of plastic.

QuickReef living shorelines are made from a proprietary mixture of natural calcium carbonate materials cemented together.

There are a variety of materials on the market for living shoreline construction. Very few, however, are conducive to shallow-water installation. Even fewer resemble natural shorelines immediately upon installation.

QuickReef living shorelines solve both of these issues and more.

Comprised primarily of native coastal materials such as limestone marl and oyster shells, QuickReef living shorelines provide an ideal substrate for oyster recruitment and aquatic environment enhancement. 

QuickReef units are arranged in the shallow waters of the intertidal zone in a configuration that attenuates wave energy, encourages marsh accretion behind the structure, and creates aquatic habitat within the structure. In higher energy settings, the structure can also be bound together to create an articulating system. 

With its ability to attract and grow native oysters in brackish waters, over time QuickReef living shorelines can naturally grow with sea level rise, providing resilient protection for your shoreline.

QuickReef living shorelines create habitat for fish, blue crabs, oysters and more, while absorbing and reducing the energy from waves and boat wakes that erodes coastal shorelines. When designed as an offshore sill slightly submerged at high tide, waves and wake roll over the top of the structure at high tide with reduced energy and deposit carried sediment behind the sill. This sediment gradually allows the marsh behind the structure to grow, providing a larger buffer for coastal storms.

QuickReef is currently available for low to moderate energy sites. However, custom configurations are also available. While QuickReef units provide an excellent base for native oyster recruitment, they do not rely on oysters for stability or longevity. This makes QuickReef an excellent living shoreline option for brackish coastal areas without native oyster populations as well as traditional living shoreline sites in saltier water. 

Oyster Spat Recruitment within One Year of Installation


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